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Senior Software Engineer/SRE - Trading Analytics

Bloomberg LP

London (United Kingdom)

Category: Programming

Posted on: 22 Sep 2021

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Senior Software Engineer/SRE - Trading Analytics

Every day, the biggest players in the financial industry depend on Bloomberg applications to manage their portfolios, execute their trades and analyse the markets. As engineers, we’re building the applications our clients rely on to not just stay informed, but stay ahead of the market. The applications and infrastructure we build embody the speed, agility and financial data that make Bloomberg the go-to solution for financial professionals across the globe.

To make sure we satisfy our clients’ need for speed as well as stability, we have very high standards for reliability and scalability. And that’s where our SREs come in!

Who are we?

We are a growing SRE team who believes that solving the technology challenges is just one piece of the puzzle, and that having observable and reliable systems is critical to our success. Our platform distributes and analyses trading data for some of our most critical clients who rely on our systems to trade in an environment where down-time can have significant financial consequences. As a growing SRE team, we are also focused on partnering with stakeholders across engineering and product to ensure that observability and reliability are always part of the conversation. This year, our projects span from instrumenting our client’s user journeys with key SLIs that reflect user expectations to providing telemetry platforms built on top of logs, metrics and distributed tracing to make sense of what is actually going on and empower our component teams to catch issues before our clients do.

What we are looking for from you:

We’ll expect you to be passionate about using the right tool for the job and setting best practices for SRE methodologies and tools, and excited by the idea of helping us grow our team as well as a desire to drive change by promoting a reliability focused approach. We want you not just to practice SRE principles but advocate for their adoption and help drive an SRE culture change.

We'll trust you to:

    Examine our system to identify key indicators that reflect client expectations and work with our engineering and product teams to define SLOs
    Establish a high standard of Observability across our system to improve understanding and visibility of potential issues
    Produce tooling for monitoring and debugging with the aim of improving transparency of the system whilst minimising operational costs through automation
    Define standards based on reviews with component teams to ensure that scalability and performance aspects are considered during application design
    Advocate for SRE practices with component teams and enable them to build observable and reliable products

You'll need to have:

    3+ years of professional work experience in a software engineer or SRE role
    Proficiency in one or more programming languages including some understanding of either C++, Python or JavaScript/TypeScript (most of our software is written in C++ and JavaScript, but our SREs often use Python)
    An understanding of how to manage the stability of performance sensitive distributed systems
    Familiarity with telemetry approaches (metrics, distributed tracing, logging) and how to apply them to achieve observability

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