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Senior Golang Engineer


London (United Kingdom)

Category: Other techies

Posted on: 22 Jul 2021

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About the Role

After more than doubling our revenue in 2020, we’re expanding our world-class team of product engineers in 2021 to continue our rapid business growth and meet the insatiable demand for our product lineup. We are looking for a Software Engineer to work within our golang services within our backend. This person will:

    Play a critical role in designing, developing and operating Beamery’s Integrations Platform and its ETL pipelines syncing data between Beamery and external systems.
    Work with key customers and partners to understand their needs, design solutions to cover broad use-cases and enable smooth onboarding and adoption.
    Execute on projects and follow through end to end starting with discovery and design through prototyping and implementation to gauging success and owning operations.
    Work with teammates and the wider engineering org to continuously improve our product, technology, processes, teamwork and effectiveness.

We think that these factors can help you succeed in this role:

    Strong experience building and operating backend systems in complex environments.
    Expertise with Golang and exposure to Extract-Transform-Load pipelines.
    Ensuring quality and reliability through unit, integration and end-to-end tests.
    Exposure to DevOps, on-call, incident management and CI/CD pipelines.
    Experience debugging and troubleshooting issues using instrumentation and logs.
    Demonstrating ownership and initiative with experience driving team projects from conceptualization to successfully delivering business value.
    An impact-focussed mindset aligned with agile principles.
    A sense of empathy for users, teammates, colleagues and partners.
    A genuine desire to help the team work better together with a healthy dose of fun.

About Beamery

Beamery is a hive buzzing with excitement! We are one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the UK and London's top HR tech startup , disrupting recruitment with our Talent Operating System and building the world's smartest Talent Data Platform driving intelligence, insights and innovation around candidates, skillsets, diversity and more. Our customers include renowned brands (Nasdaq, AstraZeneca, Zoom, Zalando, Grab), undisclosed names (some of the world's largest organizations!) and many more coming on board in 2021.

Who are we in Engineering, Product & Design?

Our nearly 90-member product development team includes people trained as historians, musicians, physicists, mathematicians and alumni from Spotify, PayPal, NVIDIA, DAZN, ORACLE, Starling Bank, etc. Everyone at Beamery brings a unique perspective, and you could be just what we need. We seek and welcome people from diverse backgrounds and a variety of work and life experiences. We recognize there’s a lot of work to be done and we’re constantly looking for ways to bridge the diversity gap. We believe Beamery and the tech industry as a whole can only gain by empowering underrepresented groups and elevating their viewpoints so that our culture, products and relationships are sensitive, inclusive and well-rounded.

About the team


Enigma builds and maintains strategic integrations with key partners to enable customer workflows. These integrations perform two-way data sync between Beamery APIs and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) APIs to share and update candidate and vacancy data. This is done by orchestrating a suite of cloud functions that perform various stages of our ETL pipelines. Besides this, Enigma provides self-service tools to Customer Success to configure integrations and onboard our steady stream of new customers.

Enigma is one of the most operationally mature teams at Beamery with their own on-call rotation and detailed visibility into production metrics helping easy identification of issues with many of the problems self-healing over time.

Enigma is a part of the Connect Vector that cultivates Beamery's partnership ecosystem.

What’s upcoming exciting work?

Some of the things we’re working on this year include:

    Using artificial intelligence and a knowledge graph so recruiters can find the right candidates with the right skills faster
    Enabling data-informed talent transformation via dashboards that provide deep insights into efficiencies and bottlenecks in recruitment workflows
    Going from candidate-centric external recruitment to employee-centric internal mobility to help companies retain talent through internal opportunities
    Leveraging our Talent Data Platform to integrate with partners and enable them to use our refined enriched data to help our customers’ workflows, cementing Beamery’s place at the centre of the talent software ecosystem

Here are some blog posts that give you a sneak peek into life at Beamery:

On Coaching vs Mentorship

Role Titles Disambiguation

Deploy Quickly Everywhere

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