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Posted on: 12 Mar 2021

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Marshmallow’s Mission

We’re on a mission to make insurance more instant, affordable and inclusive by building the most tech-focused insurance company of our generation

We use machine learning, automation, our own technology stack and comprehensive data integrations to offer quicker, simpler and fairer insurance to customers

We are currently valued at over $300m, despite only being founded 3.5 years ago, and have raised $35m to date We have also been named one of London’s best startups to work for in 2021, check out the article here. We are a team of 95 and counting, have a 4.5* Trustpilot score, and are championed by amazing investors who have backed the likes of Monzo and Spotify

For the inside scoop on our culture and what working at Marshmallow is like, have a read of our culture handbook 

Role Description

We genuinely believe that we can make insurance more accessible and affordable for everyone. In order to do this we have hired an exceptional team of engineers and as our third Engineering Manager you will be responsible for helping them grow, for unblocking them so they can do their best work, and for encouraging them to speak up so that we can build the best engineering team in the world.

You’ll join our engineering team as the foundational manager of our newly formed Pricing & Growth team who are responsible for building and continuously improving the systems that Marshmallow relies on to generate millions in revenue every month. These systems provide our customers with affordable and inclusive car insurance through us directly, and through integrating our systems with globally recognised partner comparison websites.

You will also help us to improve our engineering management practices. We run small cross-functional teams who have high autonomy and ownership. We get things done, moving fast with more than 120 production releases a week with a modern tech stack!

You can find out about our culture and what working at Marshmallow is like here.

What you will achieve in your first 12 months at Marshmallow

    During your first four months at Marshmallow you will work to build a strong relationship with your reports on the Pricing & Growth team by holding regular 1-1s. You will also attend stand-ups, planning sessions, and retrospectives to better understand the team’s current processes and identify how you can help them improve.
    You will run performance reviews and development conversations with your reports and help them set personal development objectives to work on over the coming months.
    After the first four months you will build on the relationship you have built with the team to suggest ways they can improve their processes, to lead stand-ups, and to facilitate retrospectives that encourage open and honest feedback. In the midterm your focus will be on working with the team’s Technical Lead and Product Manager to ensure the team is unblocked and able to move as fast as possible while also feeling empowered to take ownership over their product domain.
    Over the year your focus will expand to include initiatives that the entire Engineering Management team will be working on together, including:

    Improving how we onboard new starters to the team (especially in light of the new normal of remote onboarding);
    Improving how we review new starters during their four-month probationary period so that we find a balance between being supportive and encouraging improvement;
    Improving the Engineering Progression Framework so that our performance reviews become more accurate and fair, and our engineers have more clarity on where they can take their career at Marshmallow.
    You will also be involved in the entire process of hiring new engineers for the Pricing & Growth team and the wider engineering team, from candidate selection to interview, and final recommendation.

Who you are

At Marshmallow, we live and breathe our four values: Move Fast, Take Ownership, Be Open and Honest, and Be Selfless. As part of the Engineering Management team, you aim to practice these values as part of your day-to-day work.

Move Fast

    You understand when to step in and help your report with a problem and when to coach them to solve it on their own;
    You understand the balance between writing high quality code and releasing features quickly, and are able to coach your reports on that balance;
    You deliver feedback in a timely manner, and don’t let it linger;
    You propose solutions to problems rather than just highlighting the problem you’ve discovered;
    You balance moving fast alone with involving your team in process change; from gathering ideas from everyone, making incremental improvements, and iterating based on feedback.

Take Ownership

    You see areas that the team (the Pricing & Growth team or the Engineering Management team) needs to improve and pick these up yourself;
    You know when to say “yes” and pick up a task and when you can delegate that task to a report who may benefit from the learning experience;
    You are not afraid to step up and volunteer to lead initiatives or offer support to others.

Be Open and Honest

    You speak clearly to your reports to reduce miscommunication;
    You encourage your reports to give you feedback so that you can grow as a manager;
    You talk to your reports about your own mistakes to encourage them to open up about their own;
    You understand the power of feedback and know when and where to give your reports constructive feedback.
    You don’t hold back positive feedback and use it as a way to recognise and encourage your reports;
    You understand that as a manager your opinion carries weight and you’re careful about when to weigh in on a conversation;

Be Selfless

    You put the company, your team and your reports ahead of yourself;
    You highlight the team’s achievements over your own contribution;
    You support your fellow engineering managers by reviewing their work and sharing best practices and lessons learned from your past experience You understand how important hiring exceptional talent is and support other teams in this endeavour;
    You are willing to take on roles (facilitating meetings, taking notes) that others on the team are unwilling to take on;
    You set a good example to the rest of the team on how to balance working hard and taking care of yourself to avoid burnout.


    1-3 years experience managing high-performing engineers.
    Technical background as an engineer with commercial experience in the last 5 years.
    You have an empathetic leadership style and you build strong, effective relationships.
    You care deeply about helping others achieve their goals, avoid burnout, and become the best engineer they can be.
    You would like to help Marshmallow build a world-class engineering organisation. Not just from a technical perspective but also from an interpersonal perspective.
    We believe that someone who has been part of a fast scaling tech environment will be most successful in this role.


    Competitive salary
    Stock options ‍‍‍
    33 day holiday allowance (inc bank holidays)
    Health insurance
    Cycle to work scheme
    Learning and training
    Budget to help you set up working from home


    Our process consists of an initial interview with the People team, an interview with our two Engineering Managers, an interview with the Pricing & Growth team’s Product Manager and Tech Lead, and a final culture interview with our CTO.
    We are able to let you know if you are invited to an interview or not. However, we do receive a lot of applications and as a small team we are unable to give individual feedback on each application.
    Due to Covid we are currently working from home. We have an office space in Farringdon but how we use this will be driven by the guidance and advice at the time.

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